Bridges in Mathematics

What Is It?

Common Core State Standards

Bridges in Mathematics is our district-adopted curriculum for all elementary schools and emphasizes the application of mathematics to real world situations. Numbers, skills and mathematical concepts are not presented in isolation, but are linked to situations and contexts that are relevant to everyday lives. The curriculum also provides numerous suggestions for incorporating mathematics into daily classroom routines and other subject areas.

Balanced Instruction

Each Bridges Math lesson includes time for whole-group instruction as well as small group, partner, or individual activities. These activities balance teacher-directed instruction with opportunities for open-ended, hands-on explorations, long-term projects and on-going practice.

Emphasis on Communication

Throughout the Bridges Math curriculum students are encouraged to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking, in their own words and in multiple ways. Opportunities to verbalize their thoughts and strategies give children the chance to clarify their thinking and gain insights from others.

Enhanced Home/School Partnerships

Bridges Family Support and Bridges Math at Home resources provide opportunities for family members to participate in the students' mathematical learning at home.

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